Lulubee is an artisan brand that has embraced nature and zero waste principles into all that they create. Taking their love for bees, plants and conserving the natural world and Lulubee was born.

What makes Lulubee unique?

Their range of skin-health products are made from active plant ingredients from freshly foraged plants & blended with beeswax. Utilising natures healing ability. The plants that they use to make the skin-health range are hand-picked from their land in Giba Gorge, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Plants are food for our skin and body. The whole plant is used in making the active ingredient for Lulubee botanical skin-health range, flowers, seeds and leaves. These plant-oils are the active ingredients in our Lulubee botanical skin-health range. The skin healing properties of specifically chosen plants, promotes healing, immediate and long term moisturisation while keeping skin protected, supple, nourished and smooth.

– Nourished by Nature –

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