Pepper Tree Fynbos Body Butter
Pepper Tree Luxury Bath & Body is a uniquely South African brand with a specific focus on South Africa’s natural beauty which is emulated in the likes of the Botanical and African Collections. These collections, which include the likes of the Fynbos Range were inspired by the natural beauty of the Cape’s indigenous fauna and flora and the African Collection emulating elements of the African Bushveld.

We specialize in a variety of bath and body products such as Hand & Body Washes and Lotions, Body Butters & Body Scrubs, Tissue Oil, Bath Crèmes as well as infused Candles and Diffusers. The raw materials used are preselected, vegan, biodegradable and environmentally friendly ensuring that there is no impact on nature and the environment. The ingredients used in our formulations are predominately organic, botanical and natural providing the consumer with the best possible benefits. We are endorsed by “Proudly South African” and source our ingredients and packaging from local suppliers.


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